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365 Day Movie Challenge: August 28, 2012

Movie: Chimpanzee (2012)

Directors: Alastair Fothergill and Mark Linfield

Starring: Tim Allen

Plot: Oscar, a newborn chimpanzee, loses his mother much earlier than anticipated, but is saved due to an unlikely alliance.

Review: Almost the perfect documentary. First of all, the story is compelling. It matches every other Disney movie in tone and even some major plot points. It’s pretty much one of their animated classic. This one just happens to be a documentary about something that really happened. Second, chimpanzees are freaking adorable. They’re like people, but more primal and cuter. It’s fun to see them do typical human things like get angry and celebrate victories and stuff. In a way, it kind of proves that we really are cousins. Third, it’s beautifully directed. There’s a lot of gorgeous shots in here. Night shots of the jungle. Close ups on creepy crawlies. And, they filmed a group of apes for months and caught a lot of really great footage. How can you not give it up for them? And, lastly, Tim freaking Allen. He was the perfect choice to narrate this. His sense of humor is appropriate for both kids and adults, which really shows here. He definitely had me laughing out loud… during a documentary about chimps. Bravo, Mr. Allen. Bravo. I will be very surprised and upset if this isn’t at least nominated for Best Documentary. Hell, if last years nominees are any indication, it could even win. 

Grade: A+

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