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365 Day Movie Challenge: October 9, 2012

Movie: Mirror Mirror (2012)

Director: Tarsem Singh

Starring: Julia Roberts, Lily Collins, Armie Hammer, Nathan Lane, Jordan Prentice, Mark Povinelli, Joe Gnoffo, Danny Woodburn, and Sebastian Saraceno

Plot: Snow White teams up with a group of dwarves to take down her evil stepmother before she marries the prince.

Review: Remember that movie I saw a couple of months ago called The Fall? I’d never heard of it and was completely surprised by the quality of such a small movie. Yeah. It’s still one of my favorite movies seen this year. Well, this was made by the same director. And, now I’m all confuzzled. Because this is no masterpiece. Actually, I’m not even sure that I would consider it a decent movie. First of all, it’s neither funny nor cute (with the exception of Armie Hammer). It’s too mature for children yet way too fairy taleish for adults. Julia Roberts is annoying as hell (as usual). Lily Collins has absolutely no charisma. And, worst of all, the whole thing just feels bland. I was bored within the first five minutes and never stopped being so. Sure. It looked beautiful enough. But, it lacked any real pull. Definitely the second best Snow White movie of the year. 

Grade: D

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